CopyCatwalk has been created for all passionate fashionistas who won’t pay a fortune for an outfit. 

There is so much pressure today to dress in the latest fashion and have all the latest gadgets. This website will primarily be about more affordable alternatives to designer clothes for women. Occasionally I will post electronic gadgets, food, men’s clothing and everything under the sun!

In the Outfits tab I will post a designer outfit and then I will put together an affordable option for it.

In the Items tab I will post one designer item, for example a pair of shoes, a bag, a coat and then find an affordable option for it.

In the Stores tab I will list all the places; shops, boutiques, online stores where I have found all the items on this website, both the designer items and the lower priced items.

In the Window Shopping tab I will upload pictures that I’ve taken from all the beautiful shopping windows in London where I live and everywhere else in the world that I have the pleasure to go to.

I hope you enjoy CopyCatwalk!

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